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21 Day Program Testimonials…People are Raving

“Before doing the 21 Day program I thought I was pretty healthy. But the program opened my eyes to what being healthy is really about. I’m less confused and swayed by the things I read in the media because I’ve figured out what works for me! Also, after taking the supplements and probiotics, my energy level is more even throughout the day and I no longer feel bloated and puffy, which is a huge win for me. I can honestly say this program has been very easy to keep up with. I have a very busy schedule and also travel a fair amount, but with the videos and content being online I could fit it in to my schedule without a lot of headache. I would definitely recommend this program to busy ladies who are looking to take their health from good to great!” – Shannon Vigil, San Francisco, CA

“Give a man a fish; he is fed for a day. Teach a man to fish; he is fed for the rest of his life. My whole life I have tried various fad diets. “Eat this now, don’t eat this” “Repeat” The problem with all of these is that they may have worked for someone, but they never did for me. I might have lost weight in the process but it never stuck. I have always considered myself a somewhat healthy eater and a very active person but I never got results! This program doesn’t TELL you what to eat. It TEACHES you how to eat for yourself. Plus, you get amazing pharmaceutical grade supplements that give you the extra nutrition we may not get in our everyday diets. I have found that after completing this program and continuing to take the supplements I have been able to keep the weight off and I have increased energy levels.” -Leslie McGregor, AADP Certified Health Coach, Salt Lake City, UT


“What I like best about the 21 Day program is the daily love delivered to my inbox each morning. Informative videos, pdfs, motivation quotes, and recipes – all of them are just what I need to jump-start my day in a positive, healthy way. Plus, the emails helped hold me accountable (something I really need) so that I was able to complete the 21 days as a healthier, better me!” – Andrea Hood, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Plaistow, NH

“The 21 Day program was exactly what I needed to fine tune and organize my healthy habits. The daily emails delivered clear, concise action steps that were really easy to put into practice, and my body is thanking me! My skin is so much clearer than before and my energy has absolutely skyrocketed since starting the supplements. Love. Love. Love! Everyone needs to do this.” -Amber Barry, Registered Nurse, Certified Health Coach, Collinsville, CT


“As a Chinese Medicine practitioner, I am always advising my patients on dietary and lifestyle changes. The information I learned in 21 Day program has been invaluable. I love the recipes, the resources, and the wide variety of dietary theories presented, all in an easy-to-implement format. Your diet effects the health of your entire body, mind, and spirit. It is essential that everyone learns how to clean up their diet and use food as medicine, not as poison.” – Josie Bouchier, licensed acupuncturist, Denver, CO

“With so many ideas on healthy eating out there, it’s great to finally find one program that breaks it down. It explains what to eat and WHY! The daily emails delivered content in bite sized pieces (don’t mind the pun there) that I could actually implement without feeling overwhelmed. The information is organized in steps that even a busy person can incorporate. If you want to learn how to eat clean, then this program is a must.” – Jessica Wyman, Nampa, ID


“This program taught me everything I needed to know about health and nutrition in an easily digestible package. The daily emails were filled with information, inspiration, recipes, and self-care tips and the support I received from the forum was invaluable. I now have the right tools to make the best food choices for me and my family. It’s an exciting and powerful feeling and for that I am truly grateful that I decided to pull the trigger and clean up my diet and my life.” -Shannon Huckaby, Portland, Maine

“So you know, I am learning SO SO SO much from this 21 day program! I am loving it. I have overhauled my breakfast and have more energy!” -Maegan Simmons, Rendondo Beach, California

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