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My DNA may want Liverwurst, but that ain’t happening anytime soon

GenoPalate gives you nutrition recommendations 100% tailored to YOU. How do they do that? You upload your DNA (raw data from 23andme), or you order their kit that samples your DNA, and they use those results to do a complete nutrition analysis.

I love the idea of getting nutrition information custom tailored to your individual needs.  After all, every body reacts to food differently and every person absorbs nutrients and vitamins differently and we all metabolize differently. So doesn’t it just make sense that we should all come with an owner’s manual for our specific body?  In essence, that is what GenoPalate is attempting to provide.

GenoPalate analizes 104 SNPs that directly impact how your body processes food. They then use this information to determine your recommended intake of 20+ nutrients based on research that shows positive outcomes are a result of certain nutrition levels.  For instance, the graphic below shows that this genotype is associated with positive health outcomes in those consuming high amounts of vitamin C.  So the 4% of the population with this genotype would do well by eating foods high in vitamin C. Pretty cool, right?

Genetic Insights 3-04.png

By combining your genotype results, nutrition recommendations and the nutrient composition of foods, GenoPalate is able to provide you with a comprehensive list of foods that all have the highest amount of the nutrients that benefit you most.

So I uploaded my raw DNA data and waited the 2+ weeks for my report and here is what I learned. Based on my DNA, I should be chomping on pomegranates and alfalfa sprouts. Liverwurst should be a meat of choice for me (not likely ever going to happen). Nutritional yeast, quinoa, sweet potatoes, white fish, amaranth and brussels sprouts should all be in my regular mealtime rotation. It did highlight Mangos as a fruit I should consume, which I use to adore. But ever since my doctor performed a Spectracell test and found out I lack an enzyme that breaks down fructose (and therefore makes it hard or my body to digest), fruit (especially high fructose fruit like mangos) have been eliminated from my diet.

Another discrepancy is I do have a sensitivity to wheat products made in America and the report says I’m “not likely to be sensitive to gluten.” But in all honesty, that is more likely a response to the Glyphosate our farmers spray all over their wheat crops since I do okay with limited amounts overseas where Glyphosate is banned (#stopmonsanto).

The report concludes with a list of foods (such as fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, legumes, starches) your DNA says you should eat more of. But that doesn’t mean if a healthy food does not appear on your list you shouldn’t eat it. It just means another healthy food edged it out because it had more of what your genes say are good for you.

All this info is great, but for most people, they won’t take the time to actually seek out Elk recipes to include an Elk meal in their weekly menu rotation.  Meal plans are available at an additional charge through GenoPalate, but so far there is no mention of providing a chef to cook aforementioned meals. Stay tuned ?



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