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Supplements: They Don’t Work If You Don’t Take Them!

You pay good money to get the proper nutrients and then wonder why you don’t feel better?  Sure, you don’t take the supplements EVERY day but you take them when you remember…(how many days has it been?). These vitamins must not work?!

Does this scenario sound familiar?  We have all been there. Our intentions for getting healthy are great but our follow through may be somewhat lacking (to say the least!).  Well, have no fear, I have a solution for you – and it WORKS!vitamins

I have been taking supplements for over a decade-I’m fairly consistent but there are periods of time when my routine gets interrupted and I fail to take the supplements regularly.  I never really noticed before I started taking pharmaceutical grade supplements. When I started getting the optimum nutrition my body craved, I felt great ~ more energy, fewer aches and pains, better digestion. My body was thanking me for giving it the nutrients it requires to perform optimally, imagine that?!

So when my routine was interrupted recently I REALLY noticed within a couple of weeks that I was lethargic and my joint pain returned. When I finally realized that my issue had been inconsistency in my supplement regimen, I quickly began to scour the internet for a solution. After all, I paid good money for these supplements and I KNOW they work.

Low and behold, my savior, the Medisafe app!  Sure, it is marketed as “More than just a pill organizer, Medisafe makes it easy to adhere to the most complicated medication schedules.” For my needs, I am able to put reminders in for supplements (AM and PM reminders), digestive enzymes (post meals), probiotics (should be taken on empty stomach before meals), as well as medications. I download the app right to my smartphone and set the times and dosage I want to be reminded and Medisafe makes it happen.  You can “snooze” your reminder if you’re having a late lunch but still want to remember to take your digestive enzyme post meal. Best part, if you’re in a meeting or have your phone on DND, the Medisafe app will stay on your screen until you hit the “take” button. Easy peasy.

It sounds so simple: “take your meds as prescribed.” But multiple doses per day or several supplements in your regimen, and it quickly becomes hopelessly confusing. Untamed, it’s a roadblock to your health. Even more alarming, “With only 50% of patients correctly following their regimen and non-adherence to medications causing a death every 4 minutes in the U.S. alone.” Why take chances? With Medisafe, it really is simple. Gotta go, my Medisafe is reminding me*!


*I am not paid by Medisafe nor do I receive any form of compensation-I really do just like the app and want more people to experience the joys of optimum health! What are you waiting for, download Medisafe now!




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