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Workplace Wellness

We all know wellness is important, but did you realize workplace wellness programs can lower costs, improve productivity and boost morale? Poor eating habits can be very costly to companies today – obesity, disease, insurance claims and absenteeism, all add to employer costs as well as hinder employee productivity. Research shows that 50% of company profits today are being spent on healthcare costs.

“…every dollar large employers spent on wellness programs, they saw company medical costs fall about $3.27″(study)

One study of 36 company wellness programs states: “The researchers reported that for every dollar large employers spent on wellness programs, they saw company medical costs fall about $3.27. But even beyond that payoff in health, the study found a comparable payoff in productivity: For every dollar spent on wellness programs, the companies’ absenteeism-related costs fell about $2.73.”

“Employees who eat healthy are 25 percent more likely to have higher job performance” (study)

But some corporate wellness programs fall short because employee engagement fizzles out. Therese’s Workplace Wellness programs focus on small steps employees can take to make a big impact on their health, rather than drastic changes and abstract goals that traditionally don’t work.  Each program can be customized to the corporate culture and the size of the company which leads to greater employee engagement, higher success and reduced healthcare costs (WIN, WIN)!  

It’s about human help when you need it, as well as strategies to incorporate small changes into everyday life. Of members who worked with health coaches on weight management, 43% reported lowering their BMI; and 28% working on smoking cessation reported quitting (according to Humana study December 2014).

Program Examples & Topics of Interest Include:

  • Reduce Stress + Boost Immunity – The workplace is the most common source for stress. Stress leads to weight gain and lowered immunity. Employees will get lifestyle and nutritional tips to help reduce stress and boost immunity.
  • Sugar Shakedown – Do you have doughnuts and candy all over the office? It could be contributing to more sick days. Learn about the downsides of a high sugar diet & how to break free from sweets… for good and without going crazy.
  • Prevent Illness Naturally – Does cold and flu season hit your office hard? There are a number of key nutritional and supplement tips that can help prevent colds and flu. Find out what to do to prevent them, and what to take at first sign to stop it in it’s tracks. 
  • Boost Focus + Attention – Learn what foods work against and which ones improve focus & attention.
  • Boost Metabolism – As we age our metabolism naturally slows down, but there are ways to give it a boost. Find out which foods boost your metabolism and which ones bust it.
  • Road Warrior Health – It is not always easy to stay healthy while traveling. Therese divulges tips and tricks for staying on track nutritionally while on the road.

We can customize your Workplace Wellness program for maximum impact for your corporate culture and your employees. We offer programs that can include employee incentives, competitions, lifestyle initiatives and lunch and learns.  💡 ~ Contact Therese today.