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Acai Diet Cleanse: Read This First

Are You Thinking About Starting an Acai “Cleanse” Like the Hollywood Stars? Read On Before You Do..

Cleansing diets are popular among the Hollywood-set, and wouldn’t we all like to lose a little weight while we cleanse our bodies of toxins? Yes! BUT, be careful….not all companies you buy from have your health at heart. I know firsthand. You’ve seen the pretty “pitch pages” of colorful and attractive advertising designed to suck you in and not let you go until you’ve bought their wares.

Clients ask me about acai cleanses often, so I wanted to see what all hype was about on some of those “pitch pages” that show before and after photos and sell Acai and Cleansing Detox herbs. So my husband, being ever-supportive and always game for something new, signed up for a “free trial” in the name of science.

We were also interested in how these vendors treated the customer; the person they spend so much time and so much money advertising to. So hubby signed up for the free trial and received the product. As suspected, the ingredients listed were no different from products from more reputable supplement sites, that can be found just by searching Google.

After trying the “cleanse” for the specified amount of time and following label directions (drum roll please)… he noticed no difference.  No real cleansing effect, no change in bowel movements…no weight loss.

Now came the fun bit – canceling his “subscription.” And I use the term “fun” loosely. First off, you will not be able to cancel online. They make you call an offshore operator who would be better labeled a “retention specialist.” So he called, told them he wanted to cancel, and faced another 35 minutes of retention tactics designed to keep him paying $70 per MONTH for products that can be found for way less.

He got transferred to multiple departments, “sold” and resold the same story over and over about how great their product was and “for just 50% less than the monthly subscription, we can offer you…” blah blah blah… He finally DID get the subscription canceled – on his 3rd phone call attempt. What happened next was outrageous. Within a few days, they proceeded to hound us and called dozens of times over the next several weeks until he threatened to report them!

I feel sorry for anyone who gets coerced into this ridicule. It really doesn’t have to be that difficult. If you want to buy quality cleansing formulas (even Acai) from a reputable company and not be badgered after doing so, try EdibleNature.com (online since 2001) … it really can be that easy!