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Make Ahead Meals

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 @ 03:04 PM
posted by Therese

We all know one of the keys to healthy eating is having good food on hand and the key is being prepared. If you’re too tired after a long day, do most cooking and food prep in large batches on the weekend, so that everything is laid out in the fridge ready to go for the week.

Here are some make ahead meal ideas:

Shred a few heads of romaine lettuce and store in a large freezer bag in the fridge. Chop carrots, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, bell peppers etc. Store in smaller freezer bags in the fridge. Very easy to assemble salads quickly in the morning, before everyone heads off to work and school.  Better yet, pre-assemble in mason jars with dressing on the bottom and layer other ingredients on top (lettuce last) Рshake and serve for healthy, portion controlled meals.

Boil a dozen eggs and put in the fridge. Ready to add to lunches or snacks.

Small low-fat yogurt cups, frozen grapes, babybel cheese rounds (the small ones wrapped in red wax).

Berries, sliced oranges, sliced apples, fresh pineapple cut into bite-sized chunks. Kept in the fridge in 1/2 cup or 1 cup containers. Easy to add to lunches or snacks for a day out.

Grill beef, pork or chicken. Slice into bite-sized pieces and keep in 1/2 cup or 1 cup containers in the fridge. Can be added to salads or stir frys with the salad ingredients mentioned above, or used in a wrap or sandwich.

Make an extra portion (or two) so you can pack leftovers for lunch the next day or reinvent it for dinner the following night (i.e. grilled chicken and broccoli becomes pasta primavera with a few additional ingredients).

With a  little planning, you can have healthy meals in minutes!



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